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We need to build our individual base of support and are looking for 120 people to invest $25 a month into the project by the end of January.  




Keep youth voices front and center. Young people are creating roadmaps for a future free from youth incarceration. They need your support!


Youth stories hold power. Help us make space for young people to share their stories with each other, their community, and the world. 


Cultural organizing harnesses the power of art and culture to make change. The future is theirs, let's invest in a better world!

Watch our work in action!

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Do you believe another world is possible and that youth have the power to make that world possible? Help us share that vision. 

We all play a role in building a world without youth prisons. We need you!


We’ve been fortunate to receive sustained support from major national foundations like the Kresge Foundation, Art for Justice Fund, and Public Welfare Foundation, and from local foundations in Richmond like the Robins Foundation and Richmond Memorial Health Foundation. But we know that support comes and goes. What truly drives sustainability are the individuals who form the backbone of a movement. 

What does your investment do? 


Support the idea that a world without youth prisons is necessary and possible. 


Challenge the cultural view that prisons solve our society’s problems.


Hold our communities accountable to youth; it’s their future we’re building.


Share the weight of our collective responsibility. 

How will we use the money? 


Premiere the groundbreaking #NoKidsinPrison digital experience, a web-based, mixed reality experience on how we move away from youth incarceration


Create cultural organizing projects with youth organizers in seven states: Connecticut, New Jersey, Maine, Virginia, Louisiana, Kansas, Pennsylvania


Premiere the #NoKidsinPrison physical exhibition (postponed in 2020 due to the pandemic)


Expand our reentry support to 18 young people in Richmond, which includes a part-time jobs program called our Youth Ambassador Squad

We're going to need all hands on deck to make this future a reality and that means investing in the projects and ideas that steer the ship on the right course.


We know this year has interrupted your life in more ways than you can count. Ours too. But if there’s something that gives us hope, it’s the future. If you're in a position to invest, we hope you’ll consider investing in the future young people envision through Performing Statistics. 

If you’re financially tapped, we don’t want you to give financially. We know every penny counts for you and there are other ways you can support: share this fundraiser, share our work, connect with a youth justice advocacy campaign, and show up to cultural events about abolition



A note of transparency

We use Patreon to grow our community of monthly investors. Their service costs 8% per transaction. If you would like to ensure more of your support goes directly to us, pledge monthly payments directly through our PayPal.  

Performing Statistics is a fiscally sponsored project of Social & Environmental Entrepreneurs, Inc. (SEE), a 501(c)3. Your tax-deductible donation will be given directly to SEE, but it will be restricted to Performing Statistics. 6.5% of all of our income goes to SEE to administer our project, the lowest rate for any fiscal sponsor. This allows us to focus our time on our mission while SEE handles the back end administration required to run a successful non-profit agency.