Photo: "Lift Us Up! Don't Push Us Out!" exhibition at Atlas, Richmond, Virginia, 2018. Photo by Camille Camacho. Used with permission from ART 180.


Our tour may be paused, but we continue production on #NoKidsinPrison! We're building a mixed media, digital experience set to premiere in January 2021. Read our pitch deck to learn more and reach out if you want to learn more.


Read more about the exhibition tour below. 

A first-of-its-kind nationally touring art exhibition created by Performing Statistics in partnership with the Youth First Initiative and the Columbia Justice Lab.


The exhibition outlines the importance of what it will take for the United States to move away from youth incarceration and toward community youth investment by amplifying the voices of young people impacted by the youth justice system -- and uses virtual reality, augmented reality, immersive audio, documentary films, visual art, poetry, and more to support the growing movement to end youth incarceration.



Virginia, New Jersey, Los Angeles County, Maine, Kansas, Harris County TX, New York City, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Connecticut, New Mexico, Louisiana, Ohio, Washington DC

Exhibition premiere

To be determined due to coronavirus emergency

#NoKidsinPrison will grow at each stop working with local youth to add their art that will weave a national narrative of stories, dreams, and demands. As audiences experience the exhibition they will be confronted with insightful research, historical context, data, art, and first person accounts that make a compelling case against youth incarceration including:


  1. Youth prisons disproportionately target young people of color, queer youth, and youth with disabilities;

  2. Youth prisons are unsafe and tear families apart; and

  3. Youth prisons are outdated and extremely ineffective-- failing to keep our young people and communities safe. 

Photo: Draft renderings of #NoKidsinPrison created by Mark Strandquist


After the immersive experience, visitors will be transported into a solutions-oriented space and asked to take action. Guests will learn about a handful of proven community-based solutions and imagine a world free of youth incarceration. Each tour stop will offer a diverse set of programs and events to advance the conversation and provide multiple opportunities for the community to get involved.


Performing Statistics is also working with the Youth First Initiative and the Columbia Justice Lab, connecting the national tour to state-level grassroots movements to close youth prisons and divert those resources into community-based programs that meet the needs of youth and their families.

#NoKidsinPrison is supported, in part, by

Public Welfare Foundation.png

#NoKidsinPrison is designed by Performing Statistics Creative Director Mark Strandquist and Creative Strategist Kate DeCiccio with support from staff at the Youth First Initiative. The artwork and tour is supported, in part, by the Art for Justice Fund, Public Welfare Foundation, and the Kresge Foundation. Artwork in the exhibition was created through a program in partnership with ART 180 and RISE for Youth, used with permission from ART 180. 


Performing Statistics is grateful to Studio Two Three for all their support and to the following creative professionals who lent their talents to help make this exhibition possible: Balestra Media, Berlin Rosen, Calamari Productions, Raven Cole, Gary Hustwit of Scenic VR, Jason Killinger, Alex Lewis, and Barry O’Keefe.