Artwork from Performing Statistics, 2019.

Graphic created by Amarie Baker, 2020. 

Artwork by Kate DeCiccio, 2020. 

Communities are uprising, but this isn’t new.
We’ve been here before. 

Today we’re being met with tear gas and batons, yesterday we were met with water hoses and dogs, before that we were met with nooses and guns. The legacy of white supremacy in this country has devastated Black communities for centuries. For those who know us know that we have long stood up against systemic racism in our efforts to free our youth. There has always been a connection between ending police violence and ending incarceration. It's about building a world of mutual support and love in our communities, ending the oppressive tactics of state-sanctioned violence.


We’ve had the answers, sat at the tables, organized our communities, and still we are met with the same oppressive structures century over century. Lawmakers are long overdue to listen to the community. 


Our team will continue to take a moment of grace, to do what we need in this moment to stay in the fight for the long haul, whether that's self care, digging deeper into our work, or hitting the streets. That means we may be away from our desks and slower to respond at times.


To all who are standing up against police violence, demanding equality and calling for a new world order, we see you. We hear you. We are with you in solidarity in mind, body and spirit. We can do this. A new world is possible. Black lives have always mattered.

- From the Performing Statistics team (written by Trey Hartt and Amarie Baker)


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